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At Forest Hills Gynecology, we believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and respected by their healthcare provider. Every woman’s body, circumstances, and goals are different and for that reason our gynecologists are committed to providing personalized care for all women at every stage of life.

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As one of the most trusted specialty clinics in Forest Hills, we provide our patients with an unparalleled standard of care and world-renowned expertise. Our Forest Hills Gynecologists are board certified, licensed and have several years of experience to provide you with the highest standard of care. Whether you are seeking treatment for a serious condition, beginning to build a family, or wanting to learn about your body, our gynecologists are here to support you every step of the way.

Professional Team

Our medical staff is educated and trained to the highest degree to help and aid patients in all their needs. Our Staff works to simplify and improve our patients' experience in our clinics. Our staff strives to provide knowledgeable, compassionate and efficient care to all patients.

Cutting Edge Technology

We Utilize the latest technology to care for your patients. With the aid of the latest scopes and cameras, we are able to care for our patients in the comfort of our own office. We are constantly updating our equipment and office to bring our patients the best care possible.

Years of Experience

Dr. Abayev has been in practice since 2001.

The most effective method of protecting yourself from reproductive cancers is routine gynecological care.

What clients says about us

One of the best obgyn I ever met. Not only is he an extremely skilled professional, but he also truly cares about his patient. He always makes me feel comfortable...

Lana S

Dr.Abayev is a kind, highly professional, and very knowledgeable obgyn. I'm so glad I found him! I've been seeing him for more than four years! He has the answers to...

Tetiana Tsapko

My visit to Dr. David Abayev's office in Forest hills was so lovely. The staff is kind and accommodating. I had a class on my appointment date and I mentioned...

Mechelle Lassiter

Dr. Abayev has been the only male gyn dr I’ve had and he’s the best! He cares about his patients! My mother also goes to him. I recommend him 100%

Laura Rodríguez
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